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Hemant Puthli Associates is a virtual network of independent professionals that provides consulting services to participants in the Business Technology market. Our services are aimed at assisting clients in their ‘Sustainable Business Transformation’ journey and focus mainly on Strategy and Governance.


Vision: A Sustainable World

“A world in which organizations actively and consistently partner with all stakeholders in their ecosystem to improve the quality of life for everyone touched by their operations, for the present and for future generations”

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Intent: Transformation towards Sustainability

“To inspire, to enable and to support our clients in making their business more sustainable, through consulting engagements on Strategy and Governance, focusing on technology-led business transformation”

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Translating Intent into Action, and Action into Results

We inspire clients by conducting “Sustainability Awareness Workshops” and in the course of carrying out a “Quick Diagnostic” on the sustainability of their business (for technology providers/ sellers) or the parts of their business that involve technology (for end-users/ buyers).

We enable clients by using our frameworks and models to co-create tailored solutions for their specific problem areas. These include our “Sustainable Business Transformation Strategy & Roadmap” and accompanying modules under the practice/ product/ project threads (for providers) or “Sustainable Business Technology Strategy & Governance Framework” and accompanying modules under the sourcing and procurement thread (for end-users). We also assist investment firms in assessing new opportunities and/or enhancing the value of their existing investments in Business Technology companies.

We support our clients by setting up, staffing and mentoring their “Transformation PMO” — a Program Management Office that oversees the planned implementation of change through their transformation journey.


  • Responsibility over Opportunity
  • Contribution over Achievement
  • Consistency over Convenience
  • Assimilation over Growth
  • Pace over Expeditious Expediency
  • Sustainability over Efficiency
  • Quality over Quantity
  • Synthesis over Analysis
  • Prudence over Knowledge & Intelligence

Guiding Principles

  • Our commitment to the idea of ‘Common Good’ as a transcendental form of ‘Self-interest’
  • Equity in our approach to diversity
  • Integrity and alignment of our thoughts (as we plan) and our actions (as we execute)
  • Exemplary conduct that is suggestive but not prescriptive

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