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Hemant Puthli Associates serves three types of clients: (1) Vendors and Providers of Business Technology products and services (2) End-Users of Business Technology products and services and (3) Intermediaries in the Business Technology market. To these three types of clients, we offer consulting services in two closely related areas: Strategy and Governance. A salient feature of working with businesses on all three sides of the Business Technology market is that it gives us insights into sustainability challenges on the ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ sides of the market, in addition to the perspectives of market intermediaries — an advantage that we leverage towards enhancing the value of the services we deliver to clients. Our pre-qualification processes ensure that there is no conflict of interest in engaging with a new client, or taking up a new project with an existing client.

Service Matrix

Service Matrix


Common Services (offered to all 3 types of Business Technology market participants):

  • Sustainability Awareness Workshop: Offered to all, tailored to each type of client need
  • Quick Diagnostic: Offered to all, tailored to each client’s focus area / problem definition
  • Sustainable Business Transformation PMO: Offered to all, tailored to each implementation (‘journey’)

To Product Vendors / Service Providers (i.e., sellers), our services deliver inputs on strategy, branding and marketing, client service operations (including business development as well as technology and delivery management), team organization (including structure, roles & responsibilities, performance measures, culture) and support systems. We also help with governance, in the form of oversight, guidance and mentoring to business as well as technical teams. Our offerings to the ‘sell’ side of the market are aimed at assisting technology companies in their Sustainable Business Transformation journey, and are designed to serve CEOs, COOs, SBU / Practice Heads, Business Development Managers, Brand Managers, Product Managers and Delivery Managers. List of sell-side services offered:

  • Sustainable Business Transformation — Strategy & Roadmap (accompanying modules):
    • Sales Cycle Management
    • Delivery Management
    • Practice Model
    • Product Lifecycle Management

To End-Users (i.e., buyers), our services deliver advice, guidance and recommendations on Business Technology Strategy and Governance. Current trends indicate that outsourcing of Business Technology functions (infrastructure, operations, development and support) is a significant theme across businesses — especially if their core competencies do not involve expertise in technology. We recognize the strategic importance of this trend, and our services are designed to address various aspects of the outsourcing / off-shoring lifecycle. Our services to the ‘buy’ side of the market are aimed at supporting End-Users in their Sustainable Business Transformation journey through optimal use of technology, and are designed to serve CIOs, Infrastructure & Operations Managers, Applications Managers, Sourcing / Procurement Managers and Sourcing Governance Managers. List of buy-side services offered:

  • Sustainable Business Technology — Strategy & Governance Framework (accompanying modules):
    • Sourcing Strategy
    • RFP Management
    • Sourcing Governance Framework

To Market Intermediaries (i.e., investors / financiers — typically: firms specializing in M&A / Private Equity / Corporate Finance / Investment Banking / Venture Capital etc.), our offerings deliver recommendations and roadmaps on investments in Business Technology Product Vendors / Service Providers based on our analysis and assessment, in addition to strategic inputs on value enhancement of the Vendor / Provider companies that they hold significant investment in. List of intermediary-centric services offered:

  • Opportunity Assessment: evaluating an identified target for acquisition / investment / funding
  • Value Roadmap: improving RoI on existing investment (similar to Sustainable Business Transformation — Strategy & Roadmap offered to Vendors / Providers)


A few clarifications

  • What we do is not to be confused with either ‘Green IT’ or ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ projects, though our vision embraces social and environmental dimensions
  • We recognize that not all clients may be interested in the ‘social relevance’ or ‘environmental responsiveness’ aspects of our vision, and while we hope they eventually get there, our engagement focus does not get distracted by goals that the client does not set for us
  • We do not offer to carry out hands-on technical work, such as ERP implementation, though we do address issues involving ERP solutions, Enterprise Architecture etc. as key components of Business Technology from the perspective of Strategy and Governance
  • We are neither an M&A / PE / CF / IB / VC shop ourselves and nor are we affiliated to any such firms; therefore we do not offer services dealing with strategic financing or sourcing of funds for start-ups, though we support our Vendor / Provider clients (who seek funding) to the extent possible
  • Our consulting style is not of the template-based copy/paste kind — each client is unique and we co-create custom solutions for them through a process of collaboration with client teams, drawing on our frameworks and models (which represent broad guidelines abstracted from our experience) as and when relevant
  • We do not implement specific methodologies for Quality (e.g., CMM) or IT Governance (e.g., ITIL), though we do draw on good practices across methodologies as relevant to client needs


For more details on our services and to know how they could benefit you, please email us and we will respond soon.

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