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About Us

Business Technology: Strategy and Governance

Business Technology is usually the domain of the CIO’s organization, which deploys and supports the use of business applications by users across the enterprise (including external users, as applicable) and is accountable to the CEO and the Board of Directors. While a substantial portion of Business Technology functions (e.g., infrastructure management, application software development/ maintenance, user support, etc.) may be outsourced to external providers, core functions such as Strategy and Governance are owned and performed by the CIO’s office, albeit with some assistance from external consultants, as needed. Through a suitable governance mechanism, businesses ensure that their Business Technology function as a whole — including routine operations, on-going developmental activities and new initiatives, operates within the approved Business Technology strategy framework and budget, and stays aligned with business imperatives. For businesses of the future, there is a need to also align their Business Technology function with sustainability objectives.

Sustainable Business Technology focuses on aligning Business Technology with the people-planet-profit approach so as to result in a healthy triple bottom line. Businesses that have embarked on the journey of Sustainable Business Transformation look to adapt Business Technology to meet the goals of social relevance, environmental responsiveness and economic viability. However, not all may be ready or equipped or have the time to do it themselves, and may need the assistance of independent consultants and external advisers they can trust. Trusted Advisers are a credible source of knowledge, insight and expertise, who have the experience and judgement required to help a business with their transformation journey, and whose integrity is unquestionable. Timely intervention by Trusted Advisers in key areas such as Strategy and Governance can be critical to the successful planning and implementation of Business Technology initiatives to drive and support Sustainable Business Transformation.

Hemant Puthli Associates: A ‘Virtual Network’ of Trusted Advisers

Founded by Hemant Puthli (click to view profile) with a view to help participants in the Business Technology market with their Sustainable Business Transformation journey, Hemant Puthli Associates (HPA) is a ‘virtual network’ of Trusted Advisers with a shared vision and a common intent. In many ways, HPA is an experiment in ‘cooperative consulting’ — our Associates are independent practitioners in their respective areas of practice, and we bring together relevant competencies to engage on client projects. HPA Associates are seasoned professionals who have honed their expertise over an exemplary track record of delivering results, and are Trusted Advisers in their own right. The list of Associates (displayed on the right hand side column of this web-site) contains links to their respective public profiles on popular professional networks.

As we initiate our consulting engagements with our clients, we share our vision through awareness programs aimed at inspiring them to commence their journey of Sustainable Business Transformation. We then go on to enable them to carry out a successful transformation using customized implementations of our frameworks, models and practices, and support them with advice and recommendations in the course of their transformation journey.

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Please visit our Perspective page and read our FAQs for a clearer understanding of the thinking underlying our approach.

Have we captured your interest and imagination? Start a conversation with us! Leave us a note below or email us and we will respond soon.


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