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Client Engagements

Hemant Puthli Associates (HPA) engages with clients to collaborate and co-create solutions to problems that may arise in the course of their Sustainable Business Transformation journey. Based on preliminary scoping discussions with a client, we draw on the expertise available in our network of Associates, to create a configurable pool of relevant competencies that address the key focus areas in our client’s problem space.

Our engagement models are flexible and can be tailored to suit various kinds of contracting scenarios. A few of our services are well-defined and packaged in terms of scope and time-frame (e.g., Sustainability Awareness Workshop) while others are open-ended and customizable to client needs (e.g, Sustainable Business Transformation PMO). We are open to on-going retainer-based engagements as well as fixed duration / fixed fee engagements, and to deliverable-oriented engagements as well as involvement-oriented engagements. Regardless of the engagement model, we always aim to transfer relevant knowledge and expertise to our clients through the course of our interactions, so that they continue to benefit from our engagement even after we have disengaged — in the true spirit of sustainability!


Snapshot of Key Recent Engagements

  • Engagement #1
    • Client: US operations of a mid-tier (US $600 million) Infotech company with a global presence headquartered in India, focused mainly on software products for the Financial Services vertical
    • Engagement Sponsor: COO (US operations)
    • Engagement Mandate & Scope: Assist in re-positioning the company as an IT outsourcing service provider serving North American clients in Financial Services and other verticals
    • Duration: 5 months, completed
    • Key Deliverable: Articulation of Vision, Strategy and Transition Roadmap
  • Engagement #2
    • Client: A start-up incubator focused on the application of Web 2.0 and mobile technologies to serve the employment market in rural and semi-urban India — an excellent example of social entrepreneurship based on social media technology
    • Engagement Sponsor: CEO
    • Engagement Mandate & Scope: Assist with Strategy, Operations and Governance, of 5 different projects under incubation, from concept through launch through customer adoption and stabilized routine operations
    • Duration: 9 months, first phase completed
    • Key Areas of Involvement: Advice, guidance, support and mentorship to business and technical teams; Exception handling; Escalation management
  • Engagement #3
    • Client: An emerging niche IT Service Provider specializing in the CRM / Business Intelligence space, with a strong focus and deep expertise in their technical domain and a presence in the US, the UK and India
    • Engagement Sponsor: Founder & CEO
    • Engagement Mandate & Scope: Assist in evolving a balanced strategy to support growth, innovation and stability, in evolving an organization structure and culture (aligned with strategy) to support globalized operations, and in Marketing and Business Development
    • Duration: 3 months, first phase completed
    • Key Areas of Involvement: Advice, guidance, support and mentorship to internal teams in the areas under scope; Participation in (and, as necessary, engagement with) key accounts to augment scope of delivery and enhance relationship value
  • Engagement #4
    • Client: An IT/ITeS start-up in stealth mode
    • Engagement Sponsor: Founder & CEO
    • Engagement Mandate & Scope: Articulation of business strategy and business model, development of business plan documentation
    • Duration: 6 weeks (completed)
    • Key Deliverable: Comprehensive Business Plan
  • Engagement #5
    • Client: A US-based Software Product company in the Business Process Management space
    • Engagement Sponsor: CIO
    • Engagement Mandate & Scope: Validation of IT Offshoring Strategy
    • Duration: 3 weeks (completed)
    • Key Deliverable: Validation and Recommendations
  • Engagement #6
    • Client: A US-based $700+ million IT company in the Human Capital Management space
    • Engagement Sponsor: CIO
    • Engagement Mandate & Scope: Development of IT Services Globalization Strategy and Partner Selection
    • Duration: 12 weeks (completed)
    • Key Deliverable: IT Services Globalization Strategy,  RFP lifecycle management & Partner Selection
  • Engagement #7
    • Client: A $300+ million BPO provider in South America
    • Engagement Sponsor: CEO
    • Engagement Mandate & Scope: Analysis of competitive landscape and benchmarking leading to definition of a strategy framework that supports growth and profitability
    • Duration: Phase 1: 6 weeks (completed); Phase 2: 4 months (completed)
    • Key Deliverables: Profitability Analysis, Maturity Benchmarking, Opportunity Analysis, Framework for strategy formulation, Transformation PMO


We would love to start a conversation on how we could engage with you. Please email us and we will respond soon.

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